Chemical Sciences

Rules for Authors

“Proceedings of the Shevchenko Scientific Society. Series Chemical Sciences” are included in the list of professional publications of Ukraine since June, 29, 2021 and in the scientometric database Index Copernicus. From 2018, all articles published in proceedings have DOI.

The scientific publication covers the results of experimental researches and reviews on chemistry, as well as reviews of monographs, textbooks and materials dedicated to remarkable chemists, memorable, historical dates and anniversaries.

Submission of an article for publication in the “Proceedings of the Shevchenko Scientific Society. Series Chemical Sciences” assumes that it contains original material that has not been previously published.

The volume of the original articles is up to 12 pages, reviews - up to 20 pages, short messages - up to 4 pages (including illustrative material, list of references and summary).

The manuscript of the article should be typed in MSWord format. The electronic version of the article and a cover letter should be sent to:

Manuscript of the article (font height 12 TimesNewRoman, interval 1.5), should be drawn up in the following order: UDC, name and surname of the author (authors), title of the article, place of work and full business addresses of the authors, e-mail of the author for correspondence, ORCID of each author (if present), annotation in Ukrainian (up to 200 words), up to 5 keywords, text of the article, acknowledgement, list of cited literature, annotation in English (name and surname of the author (authors), title of the article, place of work and full business addresses of the authors, e-mail, ORCID of each author (if present), extended text of the annotation (volume not less than 1800 characters.), up to 5 keywords).

Language. Articles are written in Ukrainian (with annotation in English) or in English (with annotation in Ukrainian). For people, who doesn`t speak Ukrainian, the editorial office will provide the translation of the annotation from English into Ukrainian.

Captions to figures and tables should be duplicated in English.

Illustrations should be placed in the text of the manuscript in the order of mentioning. Additionally, illustrations have to be prepared in electronic form in cdr, jpg or tif formats. Each figure has to be in a separate file with the name and the number, as in the text (e.g. Fig1.tif, Fig2.tif).

References should be indicated by numbers in square brackets according to the requirements of the publication in the order of citation (for example: [1, 2], [17–22]). Bibliographic description of the references used in the Cited list must be submitted only in English, indicating the original language in brackets (for example: (in Ukrainian), (in Polish)). Surnames of authors and titles of publications in the List must correspond to the English annotations in original sources (if available), and journal names should be submitted in abbreviated form according to CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service).

The list of references should be completely translated into English. For links of articles – check if they have DOI, which has to be submitted at the end of the article, for example:

Volkov S. V., Koval’chuk Ye. P., Ohenko V. M. Nanochemistry. Nanosystems. Nanomaterials. Kyiv: Naukova Dumka, 2008. 424 р. (in Ukrainian).

Section of the monograph:
Malovanyy M., Boichyshyn L., Zhuk V., Sliusar V., Sereda A., Reshetnyak O. Scientific and technological aspects of a two-stage leachate pretreatment at Lviv municipal solid waste landfill. In: H. Sobczuk, B. Kowalska (Eds.) Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal. Lublin: Lublin University of Technology, 2018. Р. 110–123.

Shilina O., Shapovalova O. Materials Science: Laboratory Manual: teaching aid. Vinnitsa: VNTU, 2010. 70 p. (in Ukrainian).

Ostapovych B., Dumin M., Kovalyshyn Ya. Adsorption proportion of synthesized polystyrolpolyaniline composites. Visnyk Lviv Univ., Ser. Khim. 2019. Vol. 60. P. 414-420. (in Ukrainian). (
Oeckler O., Duppel V., Bauer J., Mattausch Hj., Simon A. Twinning and intergrowth of rare earth boride carbides. Acta Cryst. B. 2002. Vol. 58. P. 161–167. (

Abstracts of reports:
Köhler J., Babizhetskyy V. New ternary borocarbides in the Dy–B–C system. Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Structure - Property Relationships in Solid State Materials, Bordeaux, France, 24-29 June 2012, P. 43.

Patents (copyrights):
Boichyshyn L. M., Kovbuz M. O., Kotur B. Ya., Nosenko V. K. Al–Ni–REM-based amorphous metal composition for catalytic hydrogen release. Patent of Ukraine No. 101084. Publ. 25.08.2015. (in Ukrainian).

Articles to “Proceedings of the Shevchenko Scientific Society. Series Chemical Sciences” have to be sent by 30th of June of each year. The editorial board will inform the authors about the cost of publishing the article, which depends on its volume, as well as the terms and conditions of the transfer of funds after the acceptance of the article for publication. After the journal is printed, one copy of the journal will be sent to the corresponding author.